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We know that safety in a home or business is the number one priority for clients. Rest assured, whatever we do for you from a small job to a full rewire it will be completed promptly and professionally with your safety in mind and no mess left behind. Our electricians are fully qualified, certified by industry standards and experienced. We will complete your work with minimal disruption to your home or work environment.

Why Certified Electricians?

Experience and Dedication

65 years of combined experience
ECANZ Board Member since 2006
we provide practical solutions

Eco Smart and Tech Savy

1 of 16 Eco Smart electricians in the Wellington region. Comprehensive testing and inspection procedures

Competative and respected

Highly regarded by all commercial clients. 
Competitive rates for residential and industrial enquiries

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Certified Electricians

was previously known as Cuttance electrical was purchased from Vince Cuttance in 2002 by Evan Kaio and Daz Joyce. Daz lived next door to Vince and helped him do electrical works since the age of 7 years old. Vince was a prop for Johnsonville rugby club and due to his size this restricted him to fit in some roof spaces and under some houses so the skinny boy next door was used to fish out cables in tight spaces, I remember my father saying to Vince something about the ‘industrial revolution’ and the two of them laughing over a neighbourly beer. This working relationship carried on throughout my school years until Vince offered me an apprenticeship in the early eighties.

In the Late Eighties

 I left New Zealand to travel and spent nearly eight years in London and carried on my electrical career working as a installation and maintaince electrician on some interesting jobs such as the rebuild of the Iranian Embassy that the SAS stormed to free hostages, construction of terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport, Morgan Stanley banking at Canary Wharf, refurbishment of The Troccodero in Piccadilly Circus and 3 years at LIFFE (London Futures Finance Exchange) which at that time was the 2nd biggest trading floor in the world. On returning to New Zealand I worked for a electronic security company which evolved maintaince of door access and C.C.T.V. systems at police stations, district court, Wellington airport, Parliament and Beehive and other government and private departments.

When Vince Left School

I think at the ripe old age of 14 he worked in forestry cutting down trees in a forest just out of Hokitika. His first boss was John Kaio the father of Evan. Evan started his electrical apprenticeship for Hokitika electrical in 1984 and then moved to the big smoke (Wellington) in 1989 where he worked for Globe Electrical in Johnsonville where he worked on the new build of The British High Commission and various new supermarket builds. He then turned his hand to electrical wholesaling and worked for Cory Wright and Salmon (CWS). In 1994 Vince walked in (CWS) to purchase some electrical gear where Evan served him and Vince recognised his surname they got talking and Vince offered him a job and Evan worked for Vince as lead electrician from 1994-2002.

Back to 2002

Evan and Daz now with the reigns of Cuttance Electrical have kept the old school ethics of yesteryear and developing with technology and keeping abreast with regulation changes, rules and Health and safety. One of our mottos is “your safety is our concern” as we like to sleep at night knowing that our clients are safe with our top workmanship. Daz has been on the Master Electrician Wellington Committee formally (ECANZ) for the last 11 years and hears the latest and greatest news and changes first hand and not through the grape vine. Evan looks after our industrial clients maintain factories and keeps industry moving and is a master of heat pumps.

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The EcoSmart Electricians programme is about investing more now in energy efficient products and services as a saving for the future. Its aim is to save power, save money as well as easing the pressure on the environment.

Master Electricians is the professional trade organisation for electrical contracting businesses in New Zealand. We have over 1100 members, whose total annual combined sales are in excess of $1 billion. Our members employ around 6,000 electrical workers.

The voluntary Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) is a mark that can be used on a product that has been shown to meet the applicable regulatory requirements for the legal sale of products under electrical safety and electromagnetic legislation, both in New Zealand and Australia.

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